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Do you have an interest in people, music or radio? If you are over 16 years old then we'd love to hear from you!

We require members from all walks of life who can spare a few hours a week. You don't have to be technically minded but you do need enthusiasm and the desire to help make a difference.

It's not just about presenting shows and playing music though. Speaking with patients and helping with fund raising is an important part of being a member of Sunshine Radio.

So, if you're interested in joining us then click HERE for a Membership Form (Adobe PDF).

We look forward to hearing from you!
(Unfortunately we cannot offer short, work experience placements at the current time.)

Frequently Asked Questions:
What’s involved in being a volunteer in hospital broadcasting?
We provide a special service to hospital patients, and only a small part is about presenting programmes!
Keeping the station running takes a lot of work, and most stations expect volunteers to help with a range of jobs including, ward visiting and request collecting, fundraising activities, keeping the studio clean, as well as operating the studio equipment and presenting programmes.
What skills do I need?
You should be able to communicate well. It helps if you are outgoing and enjoy
meeting people, especially for collecting requests on the wards or fundraising for
Sunshine Hospital Radio.
You don’t need expert knowledge of music, nor any technical expertise. The most
important skills you can contribute are a willingness to learn, be part of a team and
be able to make a regular commitment.
Do I have to go on air?
Most members want to be involved in programmes, but you won’t be forced to speak
on air if you don’t want to.
You’ll be equally welcome if you just want to visit the wards, chat to the patients and collect requests.
How much time will I have to give?
Youíll be expected to make a regular commitment, one evening a week from 7.00 pm to 9.00pm if youíre involved with a programme. Presenting a show doesnít just mean turning up at the studio and going on air, it means visiting the wards to collect requests, finding the records in the library, doing the programme, and putting everything away afterwards.

There is a twelve week probation period for all new members which helps Sunshine Hospital Radio colleagues get to know new members and vice versa. There may also be fundraising events or outside broadcasts, and because stations are run by volunteers, most extra activities happen in the evenings or at weekends.
Is there an age limit?
Sunshine Hospital Radio requires that members are 16 and over.
Do you offer Work Experience?
No. Sorry. Sunshine Hospital Radio cannot offer Work Experience.
What will it cost?
The annual membership fee at Sunshine Hospital Radio is currently £12 a year.
Youíll have to pay for your own travel to get to the studio and events, but you will be provided with an ID card for ward visiting and fundraising if accepted as a full member after the twelve week probation.
What training is there?
It varies, but you will first visit the wards with a more experienced member and get used to chatting to patients, you will also get an introduction to presenting and operation of the technical equipment.
Will hospital broadcasting help my career?
Any voluntary work can be put on your CV (and that applies to any job, not just the media). This experience can also be included in a UCAS personal statement. However, itís all good experience - many professional broadcasters started in hospital stations and weíll be happy to share our skills with you as long as you support a range of station activities.
How do I find Sunshine Hospital Radio?
The Sunshine Hospital Radio studios are on the ground floor Weston General Hospital, Grange Road, Uphill, Weston super Mare, Somerset BS23 4TQ.
The studio phone number is 01934 619252. A small map and our email address is available on the contact page of our website.
I phoned/emailed Sunshine Hospital Radio Ė but Iím still waiting for a reply?
As at most stations, membership inquiries are dealt with by one person If you ring 01934 619252 during the day you'll probably get the answering machine and be asked to leave a message. Please make sure you leave a daytime and an evening contact number.

Sue Walker:
"In 1974, I spent over eight weeks in hospital at Stanmore where I had an operation. It was the hospital radio which kept me going during that long stay. I used to love the Sunday Bingo sessions and when I came out of plaster after six weeks and started to learn to walk again the rest of the ward had 'These boots are made for walkin' by Nancy Sinatra played for me!

As a result of my experience in Stanmore I became involved with Sunshine Hospital Radio in Weston-super-Mare. I've enjoyed all aspects of volunteering, from meeting patients and presenting shows to joining the Committee and becoming Chairman."

Nicola Melhuish:
"I’ve always had big dreams about working in the media, so I thought volunteering at Hospital Radio would be a “good thing to put on my CV”. However, I was unaware that it would soon become one of my favourite things to do!

I love visiting the patients for their requests. It’s nice to know that some are expecting to see you, and looking forward to making a request. Sometimes you can brighten someone’s day who may not have had a visitor that day. We may only be playing a 4 minute song, but it's so rewarding to know that by doing so, you’ve made someone’s stay in hospital that little bit better.

While I have gained experience that may help with my future career, I have also gained a whole range of other experiences… some that I never thought I would gain through volunteering. Joining Sunshine Radio is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."