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You can now fundraise online for Sunshine Hospital Radio using

Previously we could only receive donations via text message, but you can now create a fundraising page for your event and raise money online for Sunshine Hospital Radio!

Taking part in an event? From a marathon, triathlon or charity bike ride to a sponsored walk or trek. Raise money for any official event.

Celebrating an occasion? Ask friends for donations rather than birthday or wedding gifts.

Remembering someone? Pay tribute to a loved one by collecting donations for a cause they cared about.

Doing your own thing? Shave your head, give up chocolate, do something unique!


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[May 2017]

The manager of neighbourhood retailer McColls paid us a visit to help with our studio fundraising.

Manager Ray presented the cheque for £66.50 to Sunshine volunteers Jo and Ian.

Ian had told Ray about our studio rebuild and this was when Ray kindly nominated Sunshine Hospital Radio to receive the donation from 'Making a Difference Locally'.

Making a Difference Locally (MADL) is a charity launched to help independently run local stores to add value to their communities. The charity helps the stores achieve this by allowing them to nominate charities or good causes that are local to them to receive a specific donation from us.

Ray, Ian and Jo.





Sunshine Hospital Radio is currently being refurbished and this means it will be broadcasting an increased selection of music to cover the shows which would normally be presented live in the studio.

During this time the studio will be transformed with updated equipment and increased accessibility for volunteers with reduced mobility.

The new equipment will make it easier for our volunteers to create and present new shows designed specifically for the patients of Weston General Hospital.

However, for all of this to happen we need to raise at least £20,000. A huge target, but one that will secure the future of Sunshine Hospital Radio for many years to come.

We aren't able to say when 'normal service' will be resumed as this depends on when we have raised the money for the equipment, so if you are able to help with fundraising then please do Contact Us!

Studio 1

Studio 2



A new report has confirmed what many of us already thought, that Hospital Radio is good for you!

The Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) commissioned an independent piece of research into the impact of hospital broadcasting on health outcomes for patients. A UK wide study was completed involving over 250 individuals including patients, staff and hospital radio volunteers.

The study revealed that there was evidence of hospital radio stations having an impact on psychosocial health outcomes in the following ways:

  • Boredom reduced by entertainment, loneliness reduced by social interaction
  • Anxiousness / frustration reduced by being calming and reassuring
  • Disorientation reduced by creating a sense of belonging
  • Depersonalisation reduced by making one feel like an individual
  • Health and wellbeing awareness increased by providing information

With contributions from hospital radio stations, staff within hospitals and patients and their families, the participants in the research recognised the positive impact of hospital radio on reducing boredom, loneliness and anxiousness.
Moreover, insight from the research revealed that hospital radio was actually positively influencing all of these psychosocial outcome measures.

The financial benefits were also covered. When a hospital radio contributes to an improved patient experience, which reduces the length of stay by one day, the activity of the station is contributing to a £400 per patient saving which is the average cost of an NHS hospital bed per night (Georghiou et al, 2014).

If you would like to read more, the full report is available HERE.

HBA Impact Report



Volunteers at Sunshine Hospital Radio are celebrating after winning Bronze at the National Hospital Radio Awards, which took place on Saturday at a glittering gala event at the Hilton Hotel, Watford.

The National Hospital Radio Awards is an annual celebration of the excellent year-on-year standards found in over 200 hospital radio stations across the country.

Sunshine Hospital Radio, which operates from Weston General Hospital, had been shortlisted in the 'Best Speech Package' category for their programme "Swooping In and Saving Lives" which focussed on the work of the Great Western Air Ambulance charity.

At the ceremony, the Bronze award was presented to Sunshine Hospital Radio, with the judges commenting: "We felt this was an interesting topic with a gripping interview with one patient, saved by the Air Ambulance. It’s a subject that will mean a lot to many of those listening."

Marcus Tripp and Laura Tremelling, who created the programme, were thrilled by the result. Speaking on the award, Marcus said: "We're delighted and astounded that the programme we put together for the patients in Weston General Hospital has received recognition at a national level. It makes us incredibly proud of the whole team at Sunshine.”

Laura added: "Whilst making the programme we learned so much about the great work the air ambulance charity does – it was a real pleasure."

Hospital broadcasting volunteers received an extra surprise at the awards ceremony when British Astronaut Tim Peake sent a special message direct from the International Space Station. He tweeted to his global followers: “Well done to all the nominees in tonight’s National Hospital Radio Awards in the UK. Thank you for all you do, entertaining patients.”

Pictured right: Laura and Marcus with their 2016 National Hospital Radio Award.

Laura and Marcus with their 2016 National Hospital Radio Award



They are often called the fourth emergency service, and have saved many lives in Weston. We were privileged to interview two crew members from the RNLI.

Chris and Spin visited the studio to talk about the work of the RNLI, a vital service that relies on donations. Chris has been part of the crew for five years, whereas Spin is an old hand at the job – having been with the crew for 50 years! He started out as a crewman, who would go out on the boats, but now he is in charge of launching the boats.

The crew of the RNLI know that when they get a call someone’s life could be in danger, and they are also very aware of the fact that they are heading out into dangerous waters. Spin was asked how the crew coped with this pressure, and the uncertainty of what they would be facing, he said
“At the time of the call the crew are just on autopilot, focussing on helping the person in need. We're a very tight-knit group, and after particularly difficult missions we'll sit down and discuss it, and offer help and advice to those who need it."

Weston beach in particular can be quite a dangerous one – due to the mud flats. Many tourists, who do not know the conditions of the beach, are not aware how quickly you can sink. The immediate reaction of a person stuck in the mud would be to panic, and struggle to pull yourself free.
However Spin said this is the worst thing you could do. Instead if you find yourself in this position the best thing to do is lie down, spreading your weight across a bigger area, and call for help. If you struggle you will only sink faster.

Spin has also recently found out that he is to be awarded an M.B.E. and has promised to come back after he receives his award and tell us all about it!

If you'd like to support RNLI Weston then click HERE for more information.

Pictured right: Chris and Spin from RNLI Weston.

Chris and Spin from RNLI Weston



It was a first on Sunshine Hospital Radio as the 'Talk of the Town' special guest was a dog!

Luckily, Annie the Labrador brought along her friend Linda to chat to show host Laura Tremelling, about her work with The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.
This also meant Annie could just snuggle down under the desk.

As a part of the show Laura interviews local groups and charities, so we were delighted that Linda could come along and tell us more about the Guide Dogs.

People who are partially sighted or blind can become isolated, too nervous to go out alone, that's where the adorable Annie, and many other dogs like her, can help.

Annie has become the eyes for her owner, helping her to cross the street safely. She also protects her owner, keeping her away from dangerous obstacles and so giving her more independence.

The Guide Dog Association relies on dedicated volunteers who give up their time to train puppies to become their owners eyes. A challenging, but immensely rewarding job!
They are always looking for volunteers, either to train the puppies, or to help out at various events.

For more information please visit The Guide Dogs Weston Super Mare Fundraising Group or phone 01189 838722.


Pictured right: Linda, Annie the Labrador and Laura.

Linda, Annie the Labrador and Laura

Looking RUFF!



Sunshine Hospital Radio has been shortlisted in two categories of the 2016 National Hospital Radio Awards.

Volunteers Marcus Tripp and Laura Durrant have made it to the final 10 in the 'Best Speech Package' category which recognises excellence in speech-based programming and interviewing skills.
Their programme "Swooping in and Saving Lives" focused on the work of the Great Western Air Ambulance.

Laura is also in the running for 'Female Presenter of the Year', recognising the female voice that best represents everything that is great about Hospital Radio.

Laura said "This is fantastic news to start 2016, and great that Team Sunshine will be at the awards, which is always a fun night!"
Marcus added "The HBA put on a spectacular event, and it's a wonderful opportunity to catch up with hospital radio teams from around the country."

Organised by the Hospital Broadcasting Association and is the most prestigious awards exclusively for Hospital Radio. It is an annual celebration of the excellent standards found in hospital radio stations across the country and open to over 200 stations.

The award ceremony takes place during a gala dinner on the Saturday evening of the HBA Annual Conference, The ceremony will be held at The Hilton Hotel, Watford on Saturday 19th March 2016.



Here we have the 'Top 5 Most Requested Artists' and the 'Top 5 Most Requested Songs' of last year.
These were all chosen by the the patients or by their visitors and played on the Wardround Request Shows (Weekdays 8pm-9pm).

Top 5 Most Requested Artists:
1. Frank Sinatra [N.M.]
2. Elvis Presley [↑1]
3. Jim Reeves [N.E]
4. Queen [↑1]
5. Glenn Miller

Top 5 Most Requested Songs:
1. Stranger On The Shore [N.E.]
2. My Way. [↓1]
3. Bring Me Sunshine. [↓1]
4. Bohemian Rhapsody. [N.E.]
5. In The Mood. [N.E.]

*Chart position movement relates to our 2014 Charts.
N.M.=Non Mover
N.E.=New Entry